AcroYoga – Contentment And Letting Go

Jason Nemer shares a story about contentment and letting go in his journey to become a yoga teacher in San Francisco. He lived in his van when he first became a teacher – only to then have his van stolen with all of his belongings. On his 30th birthday, he found his only possessions a couple coconuts and a book on Buddhism. The moral of the story is to recognize what is really important to him. Click play to find out what it is!

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One Response to AcroYoga – Contentment And Letting Go

  1. geri kuhn says:

    Thank you for this little video Jason.
    4 months ago, I intentionally gave up my beautiful home, gave away tones of stuff, packed the rest of my belonging in a storage and went travel.
    I really relate to what you talk about here Jason, I realised that my true happiness comes from connecting with people and not from possessing stuff, being attached to material was a weight that I slowly remove from my life , the consequence is freedom and more happiness.

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