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Tommy Rosen – Yoga Addiction Recovery

Tommy Rosen teaches yoga for addiction and recovery. He has been on the path of sobriety for over 20 years. Tommy shares how at the end of his journey with drugs, he felt that he had cut himself off from anyone or anything that got in the way of his drug use. He cut himself off from the light. At the end of his rope, at “rock bottom”, his father’s tears pushed him to seeking recovery as well as realizing he needed a community to move through life in a successful way. As Tommy moved along his path, the deep well of yoga, mediation and 12-step recovery continues to support him and stack the odds in his favor in life. That combination is a powerful combination that can stand up toe to toe with addiction. Thank you to our sponsor, Gaiam TV! Feed your mind, body and soul! Start your free trial, Just Press Play and have a BIG Happy Day! For more video fun, please visit

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