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The Share Necessities

We provide basic necessities to the homeless communities throughout LA and five major cities while working to simultaneously bridge related services offered by other organizations to better coordinate and strengthen the assistance to those in need.

Our organization’s primary focus is creating a massive network for outsourcing resources and manpower to pre-established homeless organizations. There are a plethora of establishments that support various homeless causes throughout the nation. However, this has not solved the epidemic of homelessness.

Why: to effectively address an issue that has been caused over a period of time, due to lack of resources, lack of support and direction, it takes a well-weaved network wherein people are not only provided with food and material things, as well as guidance, moral and financial support. Homelessness does not occur overnight, and cannot be solved in one day or even by one person or group. We collectively, must be willing to work together to provide solutions and assist in the process of restoration of a person on a global scale.

YOU or I alone may not be able to make a significant difference, but WE can!And what will history say about US if WE don’t?

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