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Suzanne Sterling is an ecstatic vocalist, innovative composer, teacher and invoker of the sacred. Both as a performing and recording artist, as well as a facilitator of transformational workshops and intensives for many years, Suzanne has received critical acclaim.

Called a contemporary “musical priestess”, she creates sacred and participatory ceremonies for large gatherings and festivals worldwide. As a voice for joyful and sustainable activism she has created trainings and curriculums for numerous communities, is co-creator of Off the Mat, Into the World® programs and co-founder of “Bare Witness” Humanitarian Tours.

Suzanne’s musical explorations in the realm of electronic dance music, devotional chanting and songs of the ecstatic soul have brought her to the forefront of the “kirtronica” sound (Conscious Dancer magazine named her a “kirtronica pioneer”) and have led her to enjoy mainstage billing at festivals such as Earthdance, Harmony Festival, Burning Man, Power to the Peaceful and The World Festival of Sacred Music (hosted by the Dalai Lama). Suzanne has performed and toured internationally both solo as well as with well-known electronic dance act Medicine Drum, innovative electronic dance act Alcyone (System Recordings NY) and acoustic trio Kali’s Angels.

As well as performing, she facilitates retreats and workshops in the U.S. and abroad, and brings a special blend of music, yoga, sacred ceremony and activism to events as far reaching as yoga retreats, emerging culture conferences, and music festivals – most recently as featured artist and teacher at several Yoga Journal Conferences, The Esalen Institute, The Omega Institute, The Global Sound Conference, and Exhale Center for Sacred Movement. Suzanne has also been a ritual designer and priestess for many years and has developed curriculums, teacher trainings and apprenticeship programs for numerous communities nationwide. She offers year long apprenticeships in Ritual Skills in both SF and LA and is part of the faculty for YogaWorks’ internationally respected Teacher Training Programs in both SF and New York.

She lives in community in both LA and SF and is committed to a passionate exploration of truth telling, joyful purpose, finding and expressing one’s unique voice and crafting creative technologies for change, awakening and sacred service.

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  1. Dawn says:

    I am deeply grateful for these videos. Thank you Suzanne. Thank you big happy day. Thank you to the sponsors. Wonderful! Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this incredible knowledge and deliciousness!

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