Jenny and Jason


About Jenny:

A lifelong lover of movement, expression and connection, Jenny spent her childhood and early adulthood dancing, singing and acting. Discovering yoga while she was in university was the answers to prayers she didn’t even know she had. She began teaching yoga in New York City a few years later, where she also began teaching circus arts to children in afterschool programs.

Jenny was entranced by the limitless potential of two or more beings coming together in a devotional, playful and mutually supportive practice. Ultimately, it is about being present with herself and her partner, and regardless of whether or not she even know this person’s name, relating to this being as a reflection of divine essence.

Major influential teachers in Jenny’s life have been Kevin & Erin O’Keefe who were her first flying teachers and got me working with children and teaching acrobatics, Nateshvar Ken Scott who certified her to teach Contact Yoga, Sofia Diaz who inspires her to live her truth as love light bliss, and Sianna Sherman who is a deep well of the embodied poetic wisdom of yoga.

Jenny has studied acrobatics with Cirque du Soleil artists Elsie and Serenity Smith, and at theCircus Center in San Francisco. Jason Nemer has also been a huge support and amazing guide on her acrobatic journey, for which she is eternally grateful.

Jenny feels so blessed to be sharing this practice and bringing more connection and unity into the world. Namaste.

About Jason:

Jason has been blessed with countless teachers on his path. His younger brother brought him into gymnastics. This was when his “inverted” career started, in 1987. His teenage years were deeply influenced by the training techniques of Russian and Bulgarian Acrobatic Masters. Competing among the best acrobats in the world opened Jason’s eyes to many advanced expressions of body control and balance.

Jason was a two time US Jr. National champion in partner acrobatics and represented the US at the World Championships in 1991 in Beijing. In 1996, he performed acrobatics in the Opening Ceremonies at the Olympic games. Yoga came to him in his last semester of university. After that first class, there has been no looking back. Connection to the breath and the lifestyle philosophy of yoga filled him with so much joy. Jason’s world was changed and only continues to get more rich with the wisdom of daily yogic practices.

Currently, Jason trains Acrobatics with Master Lu Yi at the Circus Center in San Francisco. Scott Blossom is his teacher of Ayurveda & Asana. Sianna Sherman shows him how poetic grace in motion can be. He studies body work with the Thai Massage Circus and privately with the Metta Mama Jenn Yarro.

Jason feels blessed to be sharing this practice with the world and will continue to develop himself and AcroYoga as his dharma.

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