Eric Shaw


Eric Shaw is a scholar, yogi, and creator of Prasana Yoga. He shares his unique and innovative style of asana and lecturing on the history, philosophy and science of yoga with dynamic multimedia presentations worldwide.

A lifelong athlete, Eric has always loved pushing his body to its physical limits, and has excelled in a variety of sports, competing in swimming and triathlons. Raised in a physically active, religious, and academically-oriented household, throughout his life Eric cultivated a love for art, academics, and contemplative study of philosophy, as well as sports. He found his calling in yoga, combining physical disciplined practice with meditation, creativity, and the academically rigorous study of yoga philosophy and history.

A working visual and performance artist until 2004, Eric has graduate degrees in Art, Teaching, Religious Studies and Asian Studies.  He taught college for 4 years and special education for nine years. He is a regular contributor to Yoga Journaland other magazines, and consults, researches and writes for movies, phone apps, yoga teacher training manuals, and other worthy projects in the field.

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