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Mind Body Awareness Project

  • At the Mind Body Awareness Project we believe at-risk & incarcerated youth have the potential to take control of their actions and fully transform their lives – they are literally one breath away from making better decisions. A

    s a non-profit organization, we have developed a unique mental training program consisting of mindfulness meditation and emotional intelligence exercises designed to strengthen youth’s minds, relieve their toxic stress, and build their ability
    to make better decisions.

  • While the medical benefits of mindfulness meditation are well documented, our program is one of the first to bring this cost-effective rehabilitation service into institutions serving at-risk youth. Customized for an urban youth population and delivered by our extremely dynamic instructors in a language and framework relevant to their lives, our programs are successfully helping teens to develop self-regulation, empathy, and mindful attention, gain impulse control, and relieve
    the extremely high levels of anxiety and stress they struggle with. These are the real tools youth today need – tools that bring an inner revolution of the heart and mind. Our long-term goal is to become a new national model for adapting mindfulness and emotional literacy programming to the needs of at-risk, gang-involved and incarcerated youth. Through a combination of ground-     breaking direct service, extensive research and evaluation efforts, advocacy and coalition-building, and capacity-building and training of youth service providers, we are working to create a world where all young people can find authentic freedom. Welcome to the Mind Body Awareness Project.

The Mind Body Awareness Project
111 Fairmount Avenue, Suite 508,
Oakland, CA 94611
Phone: 415.824.2048

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