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Sianna Sherman – Ganeshas Broken Tusk

Once upon a time… How did Ganesha get his broken tusk? Sianna Sherman shares another beautiful story with us. Remember that we are all mythic beings and whenever we hear a story, we remember that we are every character in the story – and insight will naturally emerge when we hear the story. We hope […]


Sianna Sherman – The Story Of Durga

Once upon a time… Mahisha, who took the form of a bull, did all of his practices with a one pointed focus. Lord Shiva took notice and granted him special powers. Mahisha took advantage of his powers and began to create disruption. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva create the Goddess Durga riding fiercely upon her Lion. […]

Sianna Sherman - Shiva's Blue Throat

Sianna Sherman – Shiva’s Blue Throat

Once upon a time… Sianna Sherman shares the beautiful story about how Shiva got his blue throat and how Lakshmi was born in the Great Ocean. Big Happy Day is proud to support the Yoga Service Council! The first Annual Yoga Service Conference is May 18-20 at the Omega Institute. Just press play and […]

Sianna Sherman - Ganesha Around The World

Sianna Sherman – Ganesha Around The World

Sianna recounts an old Hindu myth describing how the Elephant God Ganesha attained immortality – by listening deeply within, and honoring his parents, Shiva and Shakti. For more from Sianna, see: For More Videos like this, go to

Eric Shaw - Gorakhnath-The Founder of Hatha Yoga

Eric Shaw – Gorakhnath – The Founder of Hatha Yoga

Yoga Scholar Eric Shaw gives us a glimpse into the life of Gorakhnath, the founder of hatha yoga.