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Cyndi Lee - WTF is Yoga?

Cyndi Lee – WTF is Yoga!?

Cyndi Lee – WTF is Yoga?

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You ARE MUSICAL! Christine Stevens

Founder of Upbeat Drum Circles, Christine Stevens talks about how EVERYONE IS MUSICAL!


Tommy Rosen Step 3 Yoga And The 12 Steps

Part of the challenge with making decisions is that we have to give something up to “choose” this over that. Do you find that difficult sometimes? In this video, Tommy Rosen shares Step 3 his 12-Step video series. We can even look at making decisions as just simply choosing to step onto our yoga mat […]


Ellen Watson – Shamanism and Entheogens – Peyote and Ayahuasca

Peyote and Ayahuasca have been used by Shamans for generations to help individuals and tribes to heal physically, spiritually and those on the quest to know themselves. In this video, Ellen Waston shares more about these Entheogens (or the plants) that are given as medicine by Shamans to facilitate these processes. For your daily […]


Julian Walker – Open Sky Meditation

Start your day with a beautiful mediation from Julian Marc Walker. Scanning awareness through your body and opening up to the beautiful sky that always remain. Clouds come and go in an open sky, just as sensations, thoughts and emotions come and go. Awareness always remain. Start your day by practicing just bearing witness to […]


Janet Stone – Heart Opening Vs Backbending

Backbends lead to heart opening lead to potential and possibility. In this video, Janet Stone shares her journey with backbends and the exploration around connecting to her own heart and to her whole heart. Find the courage to go into your heart (and just press play!) BHD is proud to support the Yoga Aid […]


Scott Blossom – The Meaning Of Ganesh

The Big Happy Doctor is in! Doctor Blossom breaks down the meaning of our favorite Elephant Boy, Ganesh. We all know that he is the “Remover of Obstacles,” right? Did you know there are five other meanings? Press play and find out! BHD is proud to support the Yoga Aid World Challenge! Let’s raise […]


Hillary Rubin – Stop Making Excuses

NO MORE EXCUSES! Breakthrough Coach Hillary Rubin puts the kibosh on all of the I can’t and I won’ts in this video. What is it going to take for you to stop making excuses? Get some tips on how to be discerning, own your truth and get real. Thank you to our sponsor, Rebootizer! Get […]


Tommy Rosen – Step 2 Yoga And The 12 Steps

“A Power Greater Than Ourselves Can Restore Us To Sanity.” In this video Tommy Rosen shares Step-2 in the Yoga 12-Step Recovery Process. Admitting we need outside help can help to open the door to new possibilities. BHD is proud to support, Where is My Guru – A collective of authentic voices via online […]


Ellen Watson Yoga – Yoga, Bodywork & Pranayama

Remember Jane Fonda? Ellen Watson does! It was about that time that she discovered a Yoga Tape (starring Raquel Welch in designer clothes!). In this video she shares the importance of weaving the practice of yoga, pranayama and bodywork into training for teachers. (no leg warmers required). Thank you to our sponsor, Gaiam TV! […]


Saul David Raye – Many Styles, One Heart

What is YOGA? If you ask 100 yogis, “What is Yoga” you will receive 100 different answers. In this video, Saul David Raye honors the ONENESS of yoga. Union, Yoke, Bring Together. Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotions, Mother Earth, Cosmos, Community. We are ONE! Thank you to our sponsor, AuraCacia! Enjoy 20% off using code: […]


Janet Stone, Radiant Mom / Slightly Haggard Mom

How do you find balance being a mom, honoring your practice and also being a part of the world? Janet Stone offers a grounding practice (that is short!) to support you in finding more presence in the moment. Let go of the long lists of should’s and should nots – Mothering allows us to transition […]


Tommy Rosen: Step 1 Yoga And The 12 Steps

Do you feel sometimes like life is piling up on you? Like there aren’t enough hours in the day? In this video series, Tommy Rosen weaves yogic philosophy and Twelve-Step Recovery Philosophy. Step 1 encourages us to look at where we are powerless in our life. When we step onto out yoga mat, the universe […]


Saul David Raye – Ritam: Life As Rhythm

Om Ritam Namah – I honor the Rhythm of Life. I honor the Flow of Life. May I be in harmony with that flow. The power of Rhythm affects the whole of life. From the planets cycling to the dancing of our inner organs. Life IS Rhythm. Ritam is Sanskrit for “the evolving rhymer of […]


Janet Stone – Gratitude: What Is It Good For

Enjoy an easy and simple gratitude practice with this video from Janet Stone. When you are feeling “lack” remember to pause, and bring mindful attention to your breath. That one little breath can help us to remember all of the things in our life we can be thankful for. So Hum – I am that. […]


Tommy Rosen – Yoga Addiction Recovery

Tommy Rosen teaches yoga for addiction and recovery. He has been on the path of sobriety for over 20 years. Tommy shares how at the end of his journey with drugs, he felt that he had cut himself off from anyone or anything that got in the way of his drug use. He cut himself […]


Saul David Raye – Relaxation and Breath

Saul David Raye shares a story that his teacher shared with him about the Buddha, his brother Ananda and a knot. While no one was able to untie the knot, Ananda came, took a few moments to relax and breath and was able, in one fail swoop, to untie the knot. This beautiful story explains […]


Janet Stone – The Five Elements

San Francisco based yoga teacher, Janet Stone, shares her personal discovery of integrating the Five Elements into her asana practice. Being mindful of the Five Elements – Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth – Janet shares how they originated and how we can connect with them, through each movement and breath. Om Namah Shivaya. […]


Darren Main – Smile

How amazing is the smile of a child? When we see someone smile, you can’t help but get caught up in that and join them in their joy. When a student comes to your yoga class, don’t under estimate the genuineness of a smile. The simplicity of a smile is so powerful. Don’t overlook it. […]

Felicia Tomasko - Ayurveda Says We Are What We Digest

Felicia Tomasko – Ayurveda Says We Are What We Digest

You are what you eat! Ayurveda says we are what we digest. We eat and then, we our body digests and transforms us. What ever we take in, becomes us. When we think about our physical body – it is literally made up of what we have digested. Good digestion is key to our health […]


Suzanne Sterling – Resonating Chambers Mouth

Suzanne Sterling talks about the resonating chambers of the body. When we learn how to use the resonating chambers, the more beautiful our voice can be. Our throat is a chamber where we tend to “hang out.” It is sort of boring to just hang out in the throat. Learn how to ground, inspire and […]