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What Happens at a Sat Nam Fest?

Big Happy Day has a big happy day at Sat Nam Fest West in Joshua Tree, CA! See the dancing, the yoga, the music and some of the awesome, inspiring souls who come and make our festival a celebration of love!

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What is Yoga in NY?

Join Kasey as she skips around NYC and asks some local teachers: “What is Yoga in New York?” You’ll be amazed at the diversity of the responses!

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Broadway Yoga

YOGA ON BROADWAY! Join Kasey and Eric Paskel as they discover Broadway Yoga in NYC and at the Yoga Journal Conference: New York!

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Yoga Journal Conference: San Diego Meets COMIC CON!

Join Kasey as she finds herself accidentally in the middle of a massive comic book conference! She convinces some very interesting characters to practice yoga. Thankfully she finds her way back to the beautiful Sheraton Hotel for some afternoon yoga at the first ever Yoga Journal Conference: San Diego.

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What is Tantra? YJ Conference Estes Park

Join us in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado as Kasey and several modern tantra masters explore the question: What is Tantra? Learn more at

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Yoga Journal Conference: San Francisco- Yoga Quiz!

Come on a tour of this gorgeous city as Kasey poses various questions about yoga to people on the streets of San Francisco before this year’s Yoga Journal Conference. You’ll be surprised at some of the answers people give!

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Caribbean Yoga Conference- Gangnam Style

Enjoy this video that encompasses the joy of the 2013 Caribbean Yoga Conference…Gangnam Style

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PranaFest 2013- Ashland, Oregon

Join Kasey and Big Happy Day at PranaFest 2013!!! Kirtan, Yoga and shiny happy people fill the screen! Music by


Big Happy Day at Shaktifest 2013 – Sponsored by Coconut Bliss

Big Happy Day blissed out on Coconut Bliss, Bhakti, Yoga, Kirtan and LOVE at Shaktifest 2013. Music by Jaya Lakshmi