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Cyndi Lee - WTF is Yoga?

Cyndi Lee – WTF is Yoga!?

Cyndi Lee – WTF is Yoga?


Janet Stone – The Five Elements

San Francisco based yoga teacher, Janet Stone, shares her personal discovery of integrating the Five Elements into her asana practice. Being mindful of the Five Elements – Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth – Janet shares how they originated and how we can connect with them, through each movement and breath. Om Namah Shivaya. […]


Jason Crandell – Value Of Technique in Vinyasa

“Technique is an access point for paying attention to what you are doing.” Jason Crandell shares the value of technique in a vinyasa class. Working up a sweat, getting toned, becoming more limber are all valuable benefits but when we do this practice – being mindful and paying attention helps us to be more present […]


Eric Shaw – The Ancient Origins Of Yoga

Big Happy Days Professor of Yoga, Eric Shaw talks about the beloved Upanishads in his lesson today. These texts are primary to the tradition. Upanishads itself means, “to sit down near,” or a student sitting next to his Guru to learn. Technology such as Mantra, Pranayama, Pratyahara came to us from the Upanishads. Pay attention. […]


Bo Forbes – Nervous System Runs The Show

The nervous system acts as a middle man for our daily experiences. Our nervous system is like a guard dog designed to protect us from danger. When we are “overloaded” it can backfire and become a barrier to intimacy. When we incorporate tools from our yoga practice to keep our nervous system balanced, it helps […]


Eric Shaw – Purpose Of Hatha Yoga

Eric Shaw explains the traditional purpose of Hatha Yoga. In ancient times it had a wider view than today, where it sometimes implies fitness. Hatha means Sun/Moon, which is a clue to the deeper movement of energy within the body during a Hatha Yoga Practice. The goal of Hatha Yoga is to awaken the ascension […]

Suzanne Sterling - Sound Yoga

Suzanne Sterling – Sound Yoga

What is resonance? “Resonance is a synchronization of vibrational patterns. Sound can be used for good, like ultrasounds; and sound can also be used for ill.” The amazing Suzanne Sterling explains the Science of Sound. Listen to this video and go out into the world using sound for good! Big Happy Day would like […]

Hemalayaa - Nada Yoga

Hemalayaa – Nada Yoga

Remember the first time you experienced Ommmm’ing? The sound “Om” is actually Nada Yoga. Nada Yoga is the union of sound. Hemalayaa breaks down Om into three sounds using “Aum”. The practicing of Nada Yoga helps us to remove the energetic debris that builds up around us. Come home to your True Self! YAY! […]

Eric Shaw - The Origins of Vinyasa

Eric Shaw – The Origins of Vinyasa

Eric Shaw, the Big Happy Professor of Yoga gives us a history lesson on Vinyasa Yoga. From Krishnamacharya to Pattahbi Jois to David Williams to Tim Miller – Vinyasa Yoga’s birthplace in America was Encinitas, California. Bet you didn’t know about Tim Miller’s creation of Suryanamaskar C! Thank you to our sponsor Yoganonymous! […]

Bo Forbes - Yoga Practice Lab

Bo Forbes – Yoga Practice Lab

Welcome to the Yoga Practice Lab! YAY! Building awareness is our most important therapeutic tool. It requires a living and breathing practice that changes from one day to the next. Bo Forbes takes us through the steps to build awareness into your daily practice by using our foundation or baseline to measure how our practice […]

Jason Crandell - Value Of Skillful Pacing

Jason Crandell – Value Of Skillful Pacing

What is the value of skillful pacing for a vinyasa class? Let us know what you think! Jason Crandell shares suggestions on “pacing” in a vinyasa class by finding balance between getting your body moving and not feeling rushed. From paying attention to the breath to noticing sensations in the body – Jason sets us […]

Eric Shaw - Philosophy of Yoga Sutras

Eric Shaw – Philosophy of Yoga Sutras

Enjoy this video with Yoga Scholar Eric Shaw as he gives insight to the Philosophy behind Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Video sponsored by

Bo Forbes - The Importance Of The Nervous System

Bo Forbes – The Importance Of The Nervous System

Bo Forbes talks today about the importance of balancing the nervous system with some great examples. For more videos:

Darren Main - The Psychology Of Breathing

Darren Main – The Psychology Of Breathing

San Francisco based author and yoga teacher Darren Main speaks about the psychology of breathing in association with emotional judgements and holdings. www.Darren Thanks to our sponsor For more videos:

Eric Shaw - The New Tantra

Eric Shaw – The New Tantra

Here Eric delivers a concise yet detailed review of the historic roots of the modern tantric movement, including some interesting Western figures from the turn of the 20th century through today. For More Videos like this, go to

Bo Forbes - The Mind-Body Network

Bo Forbes – The Mind-Body Network

Bo Forbes is a yoga teacher, integrative yoga therapist, and clinical psychologist. In this video she speaks about integrative yoga therapeutics and the mind-body network.

Hillary Rubin - Yoga For Healing

Hillary Rubin – Yoga For Healing

Hillary Rubin uses Yoga as a healing modality for her Multiple Sclerosis. Today, she is symptom/medication-free, and has dedicated her life to helping thousands of people achieve profound, unbridled freedom from trauma, abuse and disease. She shares some clear tips for you to start the healing journey at home! Visit for a free gift!

Felicia Tomasko- Choosing a Daily Practice

Felicia Tomasko – Choosing a Daily Practice

With grace, Felicia encourages students to find a simple, daily practice that transmutes the mundane to the sacred. Felicia Marie Tomasko is currently the editor in chief of LA YOGA Ayurveda and Health magazine, a position that combines her interests and passion in Ayurveda, Yoga, education and writing.

Jason Crandell - Distributing Awareness

Jason Crandell – Distributing Awareness (with Japanese subtitles)

Within the example of pigeon pose, Jason gives a clear breakdown of how to distribute awareness evenly throughout the body. Take a class from Jason and you will leave feeling grounded, clear, and content—and more informed of the nuances and habits of your body and mind.

Eric Shaw-Yoga & Ayurveda

Eric Shaw – Yoga & Ayurveda

Eric Shaw is a scholar, yogi, and creator of Prasana Yoga. He shares his unique and innovative style of asana and lecturing on the history, philosophy and science of yoga with dynamic multimedia presentations worldwide.